How PillScan Works to Combact Against Fake Medicine?

How PillScan Can Solve Global Issue with Single Mobile App?

Modern medicine has transformed lives around the world protecting people from diseases that would have killed them in the past. However, medicines are also big business and risk from corrupt traders. We the team of passionate entrepreneurs that have developed an ingenious mobile app creates a bridge between consumers and manufacturers. With PillScan, you can easily verify medicine and get notified instantly if the medicine is valid, expired or unauthentic.

We Are On A Mission to Combat Against Counterfeit Medicines
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PillScan is designed with the most modern culture i.e. QR Code scanning feature which is getting popularity in the medical field. With the quick scan of QR code generated via PillCore system, it helps the consumer to intake medicine only when they certain of its authenticity.

Following features makes the PillScan an outstanding invention:

Notify If Drug Is Expired

Your medicine might be from the authentic manufacturers, but since there is a certain period of medicine expiration PillScan helps to verify it. In case your medicine passes the expiration date, our application will notify it.

Verify Drug Expiration

Our application shows with a green tick mark if your drug is under the expiry duration. With the confirmation of expiry date, one can have a dosage with complete satisfaction.

Notify Unauthetic Drugs

After scanning the QR Code, PillScan notifies if the drug is unauthentic. This means, that the QR code which you have scanned from the app, does not belong to our data and we do not take any responsibility of such drugs. Our app will only verify drugs that are registered on our database.

Report Counterfeit Medicine

In case, if you purchase medicine and our application shows that is it expired you can immediately report that will be notified to the respective company. This will help manufacturers to take action against the pharmacies who are selling expired medicines.


Verify yOUR dRUG

With PillScan mobile application you scan QR code of your medicine and verify either it belongs to the authentic company or not



PillScan helps you check medicine expiration date guarantees the safety and full potency of your medicine 


Drug authenticity

By scanning the QR Code of medicine you will be notified if the drug is from authentic manufacturers or not

I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act.

William Henry Gates

The global market for counterfeit drugs is estimated to have the value of
$ 431 billion

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that around One Million people die every year worldwide because of the use of Substandard / Expired medicines…

Unfortunately, Pakistan Is One of them…

4,000 licensed pharmacies in Pakistan, but also as many as
100,000 other illegal merchants selling medications.

Today Pakistan has about 759 pharmaceutical manufacturing units including those operated by 25 multinationals present in the country. The Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry meets around 70% of the country’s demand of Finished Medicine. With the aim to serve this massive industry our aim to launch a system that facilitates not only Pharmaceutical Industries but also consumers who are the significant part of our system.

Global Predicament

Up to 169,000 children may be dying every year from pneumonia because of fake drugs. 42% of counterfeit medications are found in Africa.

Innovative solutions

The World Health Organization (WHO) is working with Interpol to dislodge the criminal networks raking in billions of dollars from this live-taking trade


Our target is to provide an easy way to verify medicine especially with a most- user-friendly mobile that can be used by all group ages.

Best Support

By supporting our vision, it will allow technology to empower industries and help future to provide a safe medical care around the world. 

34 Million
counterfeit pills seized in Europe just two months
Children die due to fake pneumonia medicines
Illicit medicines worth $51million were seized worldwide.
people die from counterfeit malaria medicines.

Its A Matter of A Million Lives and Together We Can Save Them