We designed PillScan in the simplest way possible. It does not require any multiple stages to verify medicine instead it works just by scanning of the QR code printed on your medicine generated via PillCore system.

What Is PillCore?

PillScan and PillCore works parallel with each other – PillCore is secondary mobile application programmed for pharmaceutical companies that will help them to generate 2D barcode or QR Code as per the secure data they are willing to encode.

Via PillCore, it will help the consumer to recognize that this medicine can be verified and the manufacturer is willing to ease the difficulty of reading expiry date, double-check the medicine validation or just to confirm whether or not this medicine is authentic.

This application and secured data based system is only accessible to those pharmaceutical companies that are authorized by Drug Regulation Authorities of the State.


How to Use PillScan Mobile App?

To use the PillScan app, Download PillScan Mobile App in your smartphone for free. Once the installation is complete, open the PillScan app which will show the camera view from the app. Place the camera near to medicine to scan “PillScan QR code” printed on your medicine. Once it scans the QR code properly, the application will show you the alert itself accordingly.

Since we are a Pakistan-based startup, we know how people here strive to get the medicine in their limited budget. However, besides the lack of platform and proper channel people here that specifically belong to rural areas are one of the highly affected areas where counterfeit drugs are not only made but also sold at the lowest prices scale resulting in an increased number of the death tolls.

Creating Possibilites to Verify Medicines In Rural Areas

We know that consumers in such areas will not be able to afford technology or gadget that can help them verify medicine through PillScan. This is one of the big questions in keeping the eye on corrupt traders and to ensure they will not shuffle the original drugs with the fake ones.


The solution is that we will provide kiosk at the dispensaries that will help the consumer to easily verify medicines where internet access is not available and database can easily be monitiored from end-to-end encryption.

Works without Internet Facility

We know that you will require to verify medicine from day-to-day and in most senarios it will not be possible for users to get the access of internet. In that way, it will be quite difficult to manage the database and help users to know how can still use the app to verify medicine. 


The update option on the app will help people to know that the new medicine has been added to the data base, therefore, tap to the database option and then scan the medicine instantly via PillScan app. Once the database is updated, you can also use it without having to worry about internet.

Problems Vs Solutions


The major problem of controlling counterfeit medicine production has been taken seriously by higher authorities. By introducing 2D barcode on medicine or QR Code the problem still seems to continue to affect a large number of audience due to many reasons:

a) The audience is unaware of how the QR Code can help them.
b) The audience does not have a platform to report the medicine
c) There is no one platform/channel that collects QR Code record of all industries

As a result, though pharmaceutical companies might have secured the medicine pricey to some extent, however, the audience can still come in contact with similarly designed medicine or even medicine with fake QRCode. 


PillScan & PillCore is a complete end-to-end mobile app-based solution that bridges pharmaceutical companies with end-consumers. It gives privilege to end-consumer to feel more secure and be apart of this corrupt business that is making billions of dollars and risking millions of lives. PillScan is not only a user-friendly app but it also takes away the difficulty of reading expiration date when the patient is unable to read or comprehend the sensitivity of expired medicine. With PillCore, state authorities can control and manage data more efficiently in order to secure products in the market.